Georgia’s night lenses

When I took the kids in for an eye exam, Georgia was declared near-sighted, like her mother.  The doctor laid out several options for correcting her vision.  She was jazzed about the fashion accessory potential for glasses.  The last option he presented, however, was intriguing.  He offered CRT lenses–these are hard contacts, worn at night, that correct the shape of the cornea so that no corrective lenses are required during the day.

Better still, CRT lenses are one of the few ways to keep her eye sight from continuing to deteriorate, i.e. her eyesight doesn’t get worse while she wears these lenses at night.

The idea of protecting her eyesight won us over and she has been using the CRT lenses at night for two months.  We lost a lens once so we created the emergency lens policy–don’t move, just lay in bed and shout for help until a search party arrives.  She can only wear them for nine hours so it actually worked well to help her adjust to a school sleep schedule.  At each check-up, her eyesight has been 20/20 or better so they are working.

Link to their site if you’re curious: CRT Vision Website

Mystery, Inc.: solving medical mysteries

I mentioned that this summer was the time of many doctors visits.  Hats off to the local medical community as they are solving long-standing mysteries and I think they make Scooby Doo and company look a little lazy.

First up: the ever-weeping eye.  For years, I have had one eye that weeps.  All day, every day.  No one in California could figure it out.  Here, the doc took one look and says, “It looks like you have a blocked tear duct.” One surgeon consult later and the diagnosis was confirmed and the surgery scheduled.  Last Thursday, I had a new tear duct installed.

Next up: are the children near-sighted?  Yes, to varying degrees and we are trying out a new technology with Georgia but that gets its own post.  Owen gets to wait a year as he still has 20/40 or better.

Finally: a diagnosis for the mystery ailment that started about the time I had children.  Twelve years of lots of doctor visits, conventional and unconventional, and my new doctor just assumed that I had already been diagnosed.  Nope, nothing official.  So, she made it official: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an auto-immune condition.  If you are going to have an auto-immune condition, this one is the one to get (not that I want one).  It’s nice to finally have a name to attach to all the oddities and something concrete to research.

So, if you have a medical mystery that no one else can solve, I recommend Cobb County doctors.  These guys can figure out anything.

August 23: Georgia’s baptism

Twelve years ago, Georgia was baptized so we spent Sunday celebrating and remembering the day she entered the Catholic Church. The kids thought it was funny that the staff forgot to turn in the a/c so we were all sweating through the ceremony. They enjoyed hearing stories about everyone going back to Memum’s house. And they really enjoyed the homemade pizooki desserts–warm chocolate chip cookies baked in mini-cast iron skillets (thank you, Barbara & Larry!) topped with triple chocolate gelato.



Green again

Owen earned the right to double test at his next Tae Kwan Do promotion.  Before we went to North Carolina in July, Master Seo pulled Owen aside for private testing.  At Dae Han, yellow belts and up have to break boards.  Double testing means double the board breaking too.  His hand strike broke the board on his first try and his foot strike popped it after a couple of tries.  He’s very happy to be a green belt again and working for his blue belt.

Back in business

Our dog sitting business is back up and running.  It all started with Zoe, whose family lives a few blocks from us.  Zoe was the best way to ease our way into dog-sitting again as she was happy, good, happy, easy to care for, and happy.  zoe

While our profile was open for Zoe, we got a request to watch Rex, the biggest Doberman I have ever seen.  He is also one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met.  He just doesn’t look the part (our neighbor nearly passed out when she saw him the first time–she is not a big dog person).  rex


In August, we got our longest stay ever and our first Boxer, Nelly.  Nelly is so spoiled and so loving and so much fun to have around, I don’t know what we are going to do when she goes home on Thursday.  Her owners are from the Czech Republic and they use Czech commands with her so I had them teach us the basics.  So, the kids can tell her to sit, lay down, and eat in Czech.  Michael just adds “nay” to the end of English commands and hopes it works…We don’t have anyone lined up after Nelly.  Yet.  nelly








Half again

The first full week of school is upon us and the kids are doing well so far.  Their first two days of school were half-days so we picked them up Friday at noon only to head back in the evening for the Back-to-School picnic.  They had a ball.  Michael got a video of Georgia attempting one of the more challenging bounce houses.  

The next morning, we were back again for the Cubmobile.  The Cub Scout leaders built plywood ramps, put some hay bales at the bottom of the hill, and belted the boys into wooden cars and turned them loose.  It was fun but a little risky.  Owen opted to help his daddy who was running the crash patrol at the bottom of the hill.  (I think Michael has video–if so I’ll add it later).

Saturday evening, the kids got to be human chess pieces at the karate studio.

And then the next morning, they were back at St. Catherine’s again for the early Mass, Michael’s favorite.  The Siena business guild had coffee and doughnuts and that made their day.


First Day of School

The biggest change this summer is our decision to enroll the kids in St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic School.  When I followed the little nudge that said “Homeschool” it worked well for us.  So, when the little nudge said “Catholic school” we decided to give it a try.  “For a semester,” Owen says.

Today was their first day of school–Tuesday was the middle school orientation and Wednesday we dropped of school supplies.  Today and tomorrow are only half-days.  Today was the back to school Mass–I got pictures of them heading into church.  Owen’s teacher is also named Owen and my Owen is looking forward to his teacher’s Friday guitar concerts.  Georgia will be moving about so she got to meet a few of her teachers today.  I think they enjoyed their first day of school in five years and are looking forward to tomorrow.