Holiday express 

This weekend, Bravo Dance Center presented their Holiday Express show in Marietta’s historic Strand Theater.  Four shows, spread over two days, with a cast party Sunday night–Georgia  didn’t want it to end!  Her ensemble group danced to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Carol of the Bells.  Here she is in her stage makeup and dance costume. 


PJs for Owen 

Sunday’s sewing project was sewing up a pair of pajama bottoms for Owen. He helped me sew the pocket on the t-shirt, and voila! A set of pajamas. 


Science fair done!

  Seventh graders at St. Catherine’s get to participate in a science fair. Georgia opted to study pinewood derby aerodynamics and was glad to call this project done (so were her parents!). 

I almost disbelieved my eyes

Over Labor Day weekend, I saw something that nearly broke my brain.  Memum was up for her first visit with my parents.  The kids had some wacky issues that weekend and Owen was sick Saturday night and into Sunday.  So, on Sunday, Michael stayed home with Owen and everyone else went for a Sunday drive.

This area is funny–if I go Southeast,  you progress through the suburbs until you reach the very urban Atlanta.  If I go West/Northwest, it is very rural.  We headed into the rural area to explore.  Out in the middle of nowhere, I notice a gaggle of Confederate Battle flags coming up on the side of the highway.  Not nice but not unusual.  But I couldn’t figure out what those big, white blobs were.  As we got closer, I realized.

It was Klansmen.  Two of them.  In full regalia, although one of them was safety conscience as he also had a reflective vest on.

In the ten seconds it took for me to recognize what they were and drive past them, so much went through my mind.  Disbelief, anger, perceiving them as a threat to my child…and after we were past, it was pure shock.  So much so, that I wondered out loud if we had really just seen two Klansmen standing on the side of the highway in broad day?

Of all the weird places I’ve worked and people I’ve seen, never had I laid eyes on something this stupid.  Welcome to Georgia indeed.

Egg drop

Owen had to design a vehicle to protect an egg when dropped and this was his design. His own design–he didn’t take the short cut of asking the engineers, he just commandeered his materials and went to work (note: there are no straws in the house but his interior straw cage is awesome). We tested it and the egg survived to become breakfast the next day.



Who doesn’t update their website for six weeks?  I guess that would be me but in my defense there was a great vacation and PUPPIES!  Meet Cleopatra, the brindle up front, and Romulus, with the white head in back.  They are twelve weeks old today and they’ve been with us for a couple of weeks.  Well, she has at least.

Photo on 10-14-15 at 1.13 PM

Labor Day weekend, we met a woman pushing a basketful of Boxer puppies through the Marietta Square.  I noted that this was probably a portent and I should pay attention, so I got her phone number.  Just before we left for Virginia for Fall Break, we got in touch with puppy lady and asked for two.

They gave us one, Cleo, on a Monday with a maybe on another pup.  Thursday, they ask if we still want another puppy and Friday we got to bring big guy home too.  As you can see, they are adjusting.  This is them sitting in my favorite chair.  It’s supposed to be sitting with me but I got up and then didn’t have room to sit back down.  Michael says they shouldn’t be allowed to be in the chair without me so nobody rat me out, okay?

We are enjoying having them with us, even as we struggle to house-train them.  I think she is getting the idea but he is…not.  Our answer is a giant puppy pen in the middle of the kitchen and let them hang out there when I can’t keep an eye on them.  Pen=decreased accidents :. success.  They are also learning to walk on a leash…mostly it looks like me dragging them on a leash but they are starting to get the hang of it.  They very quickly trained to stay in the kennel at night and have even gone the whole night without waking twice.

To make sure they are calm in any situation, I take them with me to drop the kids off and pick them up in the afternoon.  Hopefully, they will soon be “bombproof” as a friend said of her Boxer.  Their first vet appointment is Friday, hopefully it won’t be too traumatic.

Georgia’s night lenses

When I took the kids in for an eye exam, Georgia was declared near-sighted, like her mother.  The doctor laid out several options for correcting her vision.  She was jazzed about the fashion accessory potential for glasses.  The last option he presented, however, was intriguing.  He offered CRT lenses–these are hard contacts, worn at night, that correct the shape of the cornea so that no corrective lenses are required during the day.

Better still, CRT lenses are one of the few ways to keep her eye sight from continuing to deteriorate, i.e. her eyesight doesn’t get worse while she wears these lenses at night.

The idea of protecting her eyesight won us over and she has been using the CRT lenses at night for two months.  We lost a lens once so we created the emergency lens policy–don’t move, just lay in bed and shout for help until a search party arrives.  She can only wear them for nine hours so it actually worked well to help her adjust to a school sleep schedule.  At each check-up, her eyesight has been 20/20 or better so they are working.

Link to their site if you’re curious: CRT Vision Website