What can worms do for you?

The City of Sunnyvale sponsors composting classes for residents throughout the year.  The incentive for taking the class is that you can then purchase a super compost bin at cost.  We had determined that once the kitchen was done, it was time to get back into the composting business.  So, I went to the class today.  The backyard composting session covered most of what we had learned by trial and error at D’Evereaux.  The intriguing part session was on composting with red worms.

Yep, worms making manure and compost; it’s a 2-for-1 special.  Three for one if you also capture and use the liquid fertilizer they produce.  This would be a stupendous on-going science project.  The presentation today was actually better than anything I could find on the web so go here to learn more if the idea of pet worms turning your waste into black gold is appealing.  As soon as we pick up the right size bin, we’ll have worms of our own.

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